How to purchase an NFT?
The easiest way is to install a MetaMask extension in your browser and link your crypto wallet to it. Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the cost of a NFT plus the associated gas fees. Approve the desired transaction on MetaMask and you are all set.
How to get more than one Project 41K Exotics/ Private Jet NFTs?
You will be able to MINT Exotics & Private Jet NFTs from project41k.io when the public sale is live on (DATE TBA) at 9 PM EST. Once you buy (mint) your Private Jet, a randomly selected NFT will be delivered to your MetaMask wallet. You will then be able to see it and sell it on your OpenSea account.

Pre-Sale Max MINT/wallet: 2
Public-Sale Max MINT/wallet: 5
What is the total Project 41k supply?
There will be only 2,500 unique Exotic NFTs & 10,000 unique Private Jet NFTs available. Once it is sold out, you'll only be able to buy an Exotic/Private Jet NFT on the secondary market, namely OpenSea, for a higher price.
Will there be a pre-sale?
Yes, we will hold a pre-sale 1 day before the public sale for our most active members. The pre-sale price will be 60% cheaper than the public sale price. 600 pre-sale slots will be available for EXOTICS @ .08 ETH, and 2,375 pre-sale slots will be available for Private Jets @ .1 ETH.
What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token, an NFT is a unique piece of digital art stored in the blockchain that you can own, sell or buy!
How can I view my NFT?
Once minted, simply connect to your OpenSea account to view your NFTs
Are there secondary sale royalties?
Yes, PROJECT 41K, LLC is owned by Millionaires to Billionaires, LLC.
(10%: EXOTICS) & (30%: Private Jets) of the secondary sales on OpenSea will be Allocated in royalties to fund the projects roadmaps, marketing and pay our team to ensure steady growth and secure profit for every holder.
How can I use my Exotic/Private Jet NFT?
You will own complete copyrights on your NFT, and you'll be able to use it to flex it on your social media or even use it to create merch. Furthermore, holding a Project 41K Private Jet NFT gives you access to exclusive perks listed in the roadmaps. You can also resell your NFTs for profit later. Holders will gain access to a HOLDER ONLY Millionaire to Billionaire Mastermind, #1 Personal Development App in the World, Millionaire to Billionaire Merch @ lifetime 50% OFF, & a Whole lot MORE!
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